Monday, April 7, 2014


Some say we have no seasons in our area.  I beg to differ.  
Here's my evidence.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fresh onions

One of the best things about having more time is using that time to garden.  Which has turned into have more time to cook with the veggies from the garden.

Today's lunch. Equal parts kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and black beans marinated for a bit with artichoke hearts and pickled onions.  Fresh onion added about 30 minutes before being served.  Squooshed avocado topped with lemon pepper and thinly sliced fresh onions on Tuscan styled bread.

I'd share a pic of the final product but it's all gone.

Photos - James Grimes

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ah, it has been one of those weeks...

I always wonder about those folks who are able to keep their houses immaculate, their cars clean and shiny or their calendars straight.  I try, but none of these are natural or developed strengths.

Proof yet again was exampled this week.

In my planning mind, which is superior, but which is also a bit of a mirage, lies my prep to delivery calendar.  It is based on guidance from a former Professor of mine.  I guess it's a research ratio; 1/3 time devoted to researching, 1/3 time devoted to reading, 1/3 time devoted to writing.  Every time I follow Dr. Clinkscale's Golden Rule of Research I am able to present good quality work and not have huge, dark circles under my eyes.  I am not feeling like I constantly in need of coffee or carbohydrates - or both.

I had the Rule in mind as I prepared for my presentation to the College Women's Club of Pasadena on April 8th.

 My topic was going to be women, in this case Latinas, and the legacies they left in the San Gabriel Valley and the Greater Los Angeles region.  Part of the talk would include the idea that who they were, the skills they developed, and their positions in society were a legacy of the dominant culture of their time.  Meaty stuff.  Good stuff to think about.

I began Monday, March 31st, by weeding and then categorizing Christmas items for storage.  Doing physical work helps me clear my head before a presentation.  I had all the counters filled with twinkle and holiday delight when I heard the phone ring.  Normally I don't listen to the vm, but this time I did.

It was a reminder call for my presentation.  Set to take place on the next day, April 1st.

The Golden Rule of Research went out the window and I heated a cup of coffee.  I was glad that I had already been ruminating on what I would present and was at the stage where I mostly needed to put together slides and write out what I was thinking in my head.

Hugo Reid Family Statue,  Preston L. Prescott, sculptor
Source of photograph unknown
21 slides later, I was ready to present.  I'll share a bit of the talk on the blog over the next few days; I have to get back to organizing and storing the twinkle.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sí, Se Puede

Today is a two-post day.  Post #1

Today is Cesar Chavez Day.  The movie depicting his life came out last Friday.  As far as I know it did reasonably well for a picture that was made for a budget of about 10 million dollars.  Big budget for you and me, tiny budget for many films.

The movie is clearly about the man and how he, and those around him, responded to the needs of the workers in the field.  It includes a brief nod to the Filipino workers who were on strike and who had been involved with protesting for some time prior to the involvement of the Mexicanos and Mexican Americans.  It also gave little time to Dolores Huerta.  In the film its clear that she is strong willed and smart.  What doesn't get developed in the film is the partnership that they develop over the years.  

Its often shared that Cesar was the spokesman.  In a way, you could think of his as the front man.  Dolores led the boycotts and negotiated contracts - often being the only woman in the room.  Well, maybe there were female secretaries...

Cesar's work and his commitment to better working conditions in the fields as well his commitment to non-violence is being recognized in the State of California.  Someday Dolores will get her due.

Here is artist Favianna Rodriguez' image with quotes from each.

They were a team.  

Favianna Rodriguiez -

Oh, a small note.  Dolores spoke at Oxy last week.  In the course of the talk she mentioned the "Si, se puede" quote.  She shared that President Obama "used" her quote during his campaign.  Ever Dolores she replied, "Yes, you did".  Most likely with a big smile on her face.  In the movie it is Cesar who "uses" the phrase.  

I don't have the source for the two images in the main body of the text at the moment.  I'll add them tomorrow.

Here's a link to a column that draws out more of the "other story" that could have been told and that hopefully will be told in the future.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Since last Friday

The last couple of weeks have beens spent with a lot of the dull excitement of getting the house back into some sort of order.  The recliner still sits in the box it came home in from Costco, but the stacks of papers that sat on top of it are now mostly put away.  The boxes for the Beta versions of the TV show are half done; not good enough, but better than it was last week.

More exciting has been the addition of Eulalia to our small herd of critters.  I like to refer to them as a herd since it's a monosyllabic word and is used for deer.  They are that to me.

Allow me the joke; Larry thought it was funny.

Monday - resting underfoot while I worked.

Monday evening social time.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Spring beckons.  
If we are lucky we find her

Indoors at Baby Showers,

Outside on our porch,

Surrounded by the perfume of an acre full of wistaria

Or in the color of the clothes worn

by vendors at the Wistaria Festival.

If we are ready, new beginnings also come in the form of four paws and a waggly tail.

Eulalia will soon be coming to our home.  

Thanks to the Pasadena Humane Society.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leading the Way since 1912

There are a couple of days during the year when I find it easiest to write. Any day that is connected to my family and those days that are set commemorate events or organizations that have had a deep and positive impact on my life.  

Today I celebrate Girl Scouts birthday.  

When I was little I probably looked a bit like the little girl in the photo.  I still have my Brownie uniform.  Being a Scout in the 50s was about being comfortable with learning about living in America and being a part of an organization that appreciated the cultures of the world.  International Day was meant to explore the latter.

Mixed in with proficiency badges, sit-upons, s'mores, and square knots was the idea that all of the girls in the troop could develop leadership skills.   Apparently this is still a part of the scouting experience, although it is approached from a more contemporary approach.  
Girl Scouts working with have produced a series of PSAs with Jane Lynch, Jennifer Garner, Condoleezza Rice, Sheryl Sandberg, Diane Von Fustenberg, and Beyonce that share this message.  

Girl Scouts' CEO, Anna Maria Chavez, shares lots about the benefits from being in Scouts and her own experience that led her to current position.  She is among those featured in the series Makers: Women Who Make America.  

All images are from the Girl Scouts Facebook page