Friday, February 26, 2010

As we end Black History Month

It is winter; Friday's high may be in the high 60s.

You may wonder why at the end of winter I have posted an image of this woman in all of her sleeveless splendor. I might wonder, too.

This is not posted because this is some boosterism image for the lovely, sometimes balmy, weather we enjoy in the winter. Nor is it because the kids in the picture are about as cute as cute can be. Or because Diana Orona is driving her really nifty car.

I post this because School Board member Renatta Cooper is wonderfully proud of who she is, and because of this, she can relish others enjoying who they are. I believe she encourages her grandchildren to enjoy all that they are, to learn about their heritage, so that they may have the confidence to become all they might be.

This image was taken at the 2009 Latino Heritage parade & jamaica. The week before the celebration a resolution was passed by the PUSD board recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month.

At that time Ms. Cooper wondered what the children in our schools were learning that might be considered particularly meaningful during a month with that designation; how are the students celebrating and learning about Hispanic Heritage? She made a similar comments when the board acknowledged Black History Month. She may make a similar request for this coming month; March being Women's History Month.

I hope that she is smiling broadly, as she is in this picture, when she hears or reads and answer to her queries.


  1. I do, too. Here grandson goes to Madison Elementary. I believe their first graders won the PUSD Black History quiz.

  2. Wonderful shot and happy smiles.