Thursday, February 11, 2010

Georgia Villa de Morones

I love this photo of my cousin Goya. She was my mother's contemporary, born some time in the early teens of the twentieth century. At this point I look at the young woman in the image and feel somewhat maternal or aunt-like toward her. Somehow the image has our roles reversed, the seasons upturned.

I think her early years were spent in Las Animas, Colorado. When she moved to the big city it was a move to Pueblo, Colorado to live with my grandparents. The following is based on notes my mom share with me before she died.

Goya was musical and in Las Animas there were no advanced music lessons. She lived with Cesareo and Eleuteria when she was in Junior or High School. She used to go lessons every day after school. They bought her a piano. Originally she learned at home on an old organ w/pedals...

Georgia became a professional musician and then due to Mana Nina’s (her grandmother) health went back to Las Animas. During World War II she played at a dance hall in Las Animas and met her future husband who was stationed in nearby La Junta.

She married Tony and came to live in Santa Ana. She didn't perform or play after she was married. When I was little we would visit them. I remember going through huge sections of orange groves. Driving out to what seemed a small town, not a city.

I remember the smile on the faces of my mother and her cousin. They would see each other and, for at least a brief moment, all the cares, all the worries, and responsibilities of a married woman with children were gone. For that one instant they were Goya and Nell. Together again, ready to plot, play and plan for the future.

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