Friday, March 5, 2010


I love raclette. I first tasted raclette in 1973. At the time a giant wheel of cheese and a fireplace were involved. The wheel was softened by the heat of the fireplace and then the warm cheese was scraped onto plates. It was served with pickled onions and cornichon. As I ate the raclette the feel of the cold air on my face and the warm nutty cheese in my mouth made a memory I've not forgotten.

Six hours ago this raclette grill was surrounded by a all sorts of foods. There were boiled new potatoes, a couple of different sorts of pickled onions, olives, wine, white bean dip, bruschetta, and garlic bread. There were young friends who were meeting each other for the first time and were talking about their interests in history and education. It was a chance to see young scholars listening to each other, having fun, and teasing out new ideas.

Another night and another memory not to be forgotten.

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