Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here

Had a great time at ARTTalk yesterday. Had a chance to reconnect with folks from Lineage Dance. Was sort of "jumped in", as it were. It turned out our we were performing at the same time. But, as happens with performers, they gathered in a circle as happens with a pregame huddle. Being cool dancers they invited me in. There we stood barefooted, toe "en pointe", wished well, and then every semi-air kissed - lots of lipstick. Then they, and I, began to jump. After a couple of springs I asked why we were jumping. Answer was to get the energy going before going on stage. I learned it's hard not to smile when you are in a circle jumping with dancers.

Was sorry to miss the SGV Blogger's Picnic, but I was reminded there is always next year.

Today I went to Burkard's Nursery - they're having a sale - and bought the beginnings of our spring garden. Here's hoping the vegetables and flowers I bought today will look as healthy as this senecio that was planted last year.

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