Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yes on CC

I think that passing Measure CC is necessary to support our children's education.
It's become that simple for me.
I have voted Yes on Measure CC.

"I am a Republican and must vote this way; I am a Democrat and must vote that way".
Not always...sometimes elections are not just about politics.

Passing Measure CC will help students learn in an environment that has numbers that are manageable for teachers and their assistants. Imagine being in a conversation with 20 people - difficult, no? Now imagine that that same conversation needs to take place among 25 or 30 people. That is what the classroom will be like if the measure doesn't pass.
The children in our community depend on us. We are their role models.
By accident or by intention we fill this position because we are their elders.
We set the structure on which they will develop their lives.

There is a part of me that doesn't care about party; I care about participation.
In this election, I care most about outcome and the legacy that we are building for our children.
Mail in ballots need to be in the mail by tomorrow, April 30, in order to be sure to be counted.

My ballot has been sent in and I have voted Yes on Measure CC.

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