Thursday, May 6, 2010


The weather has been lovely. Great weather for being out of doors or for working at the computer and taking a quick break out of doors.
This sweet image is from the Bixby Home and Garden James and I visited on the Open Days tour. There was a cool breeze that afternoon. Remembering that and seeing this image makes me want to take time and just be by myself for a while. Or sit to dinner with friends.
Saturday morning I'll be at a retreat for the Pasadena Senior Center.
Have to admit I really do enjoy the outcomes from group retreats if they are done well. Without them...
People think that eveyone knows what they are saying. People think that you know what they have in mind. That you are all moving in the same direction. But until you have shared your ideas and come to common ground you and the group can't move ahead.

Once you share something of your core values, some of your concerns and accomplishments, you can then move ahead in a way that is effective and reads much more smoothly. The work becomes like a road map that is written in language that is clear.

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