Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Buckeye, not Cluckeye!

I often work out of my home office. I try to keep the work I do for myself done separate from the work that I do for Latino Heritage. Usually I fail miserably and find myself working for LH at home and in the office I share at La Casita del Madison Vecindario. A rough translation - The Little House of the Madison Neighborhood.

In the next weeks I'll be spending more time at the Las Casita office getting ready for our summer programs and for the preparation necessary for our parade & jamaica on October 9th.

Part of the fun of going to our workspace is being "greeted" by this giant chicken and her white cone. Sorry to say I don't remember the artist's name or the title of this work, but rest assured the chicken will be highlighted again, in the not so distant future, with complete info.

I love the chicken. I remember hearing chickens and roosters in my neighborhood as I was growing up. They added a fuller texture to my aural sense of place. She may not cluck, but there is no missing her or being confused about where I am when I go to work at La Casita on the corner of Madison and Buckeye.


  1. Glad you came by. I had to look up close and personal to see that the art is made from safety cones. I'll be going to the Casita in a bit and will share the artist's name.

  2. I drive by this every once in a while. It's hard to miss! Now I know where you work. It's a nice spot.

  3. Perhaps you can drop by sometime and see a lot of what is going on.

  4. I'll send you a list of who is in La Casita when offline. There are multiple partners that share the space so our hours vary greatly.