Monday, June 7, 2010

Reconocimiento/Recognition, part 2

The Recognition Ceremony that took place Sunday was beautiful and moving. The danzantes set the tone and the 19 different national anthems read acknowledge the countries of PUSD family origins. Speakers Neidi Dominguez and Sergio Salazar, both former PUSD students and recent college graduates, spoke in a way that had the energy of youth and the wisdom of four years of academic life. The ceremony was punctuated by cheers, sighs, smiles, and tears.

And then there was this couple. I don't know how they might be related; there are a lot of possible scenarios. In the past we have had parents accept the stoles on behalf of working children. It is possible that this young woman is the older sister filling a similar role. Or it could be that this is a young mother who has returned to school and her daughter came with her to the event and on stage.

Whatever their story might be, Sunday this little girl was in a room that was filled with love and she is leaning against a young woman who is beaming with hope and pride. Congratulations Class of 2010.

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