Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Shops of Hill and Washington

I'm really proud of my children for several reasons; one of those reasons being their fine appreciation for a good deal. They learned that skill from their mother.
So you can imagine my joy when was traveling north on Hill and saw that the shops on Hill were having a collective sale. Wheee! There were some articles that were going to be someone else's treasures and some things that James and I would have treasured if we had room or were starting to make a home.
There were some earrings, a top, and a couple of articles from Guatemala that came home with us, as well as a bit of history.
It turns out all the shop owners extending from NW corner of Hill and Washington are women, save two. Some began their ownership back in the 70s. Which brought to mind all sorts of thoughts related to the history of the Women's Movement.
I'm not sure how many of the pioneering shop owners are the present owners. I don't know whether Humberto or Susan is the owner of Horizon Art Glass. I do know that they are independent businesses in our neighborhood where we can go to get a good deal, support the local economy, and have a good time chatting.

Horizon Art Glass 1357 N. Hill Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91104


  1. That's my 'hood! Love those shops.

  2. They are great. Biggest challenge is stopping by the first time to get the hours. If I can I would love to highlight each of them. Barbara's Balloons, Motif, New Moon Textiles...and the store that sells all sorts of cookbooks. That corner has a lot going on.