Wednesday, July 21, 2010

De sangre o de corazón/By blood or by the heart

Summers are special times in our family. From June through August we celebrate a birthday every month and we have two wedding anniversaries in August. It is hard to believe that it our daughter, present but not totally visible here, will be celebrating her 35th birthday shortly.
Somehow it is easier to relish our grand daughters getting older than it is acknowledge the changes that are inevitable when your child is middle aged. Hmmm...if she is middle aged, then that makes me...
Well, it makes me proud for one thing. Kate is a great daughter, mother, sister and wife. Her people skills are amazing! One of the most natural teachers I have ever known. Think about your very best teacher or best babysitter. I
I guess our getting older means that we have more memories of times we've shared together - both easy and tough times. t's full of arguments, discussion and laughter. And the occasional shedding of tears.
I am enjoying this picture because the memories it calls forth are filled with the joy of the day and hope for the future. It's what each of us adults holds for the children that we hold dear, be they a part of us by birth or by emotional bond.


  1. Beautiful picture, R. And by the way, I'm middle-aged. Your daughter is young.

  2. Ann - Don't know if you can see the favors are diapers - felt, formed by melting wax. Ah, those were the days.
    Petrea - I was having a great time at the home of my friend. What you can't see is that I measured as wide around as I was tall. Learned that via a game we played!