Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Some years ago our family made an ancestral pilgrimage to the British Isles. James, who may be part Irish, helped us get to the Emerald Isle. Kate whose ancestors are Campbells helped us find interesting places in Scotland. Matthew's biological mom was born in Wales, so we knew we'd be heading there. We went to places that were unique as well as to touristy places like Llanfair. I love this picture of my little boy full of himself.Yesterday was Matthew's 25th birthday. The little boy is gone. In his place is a young man who can be full of smiles and who gets to be Tio Matthew to Cheli, LIli, and random young people who enjoy the world while sitting on his shoulders. He is a grown up who enjoys being the adult to young people who are just beginning to explore their world.

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