Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sra. Garcia's serving

To a geologist 1880 is recent history. For the rest of us it seems like a long time ago. It was in that long ago time that Aniceta began to live her life as a wife.

Not long after she had a home of her own she went to the well in the village to get water for her home. It must have been good to see her friends for she talked to them and probably had a good gossip laugh or two. She probably learned about the news of the different families in the village.

She also learned that the slap from Dionisio's hand stung when it hit her face. He simply told her that she was a married woman and that she should know how to behave. And they went home.

Some time later she found herself pregnant and in the house cooking for Dionisio and his other woman. She knew she couldn't say anything; she knew she had to serve the food and that he would take the food to this other woman. I don't know what she made, but my mother shared that Aniceta sent the woman's portion in a special plate. A plate that shared a sentiment in a way that a man might not notice, but that a woman would understand and see as she ate spoonful after spoonful of the food made by Sra. Garcia.

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  1. Ooh - a serial! You have me wanting more!

  2. I guess you're right. They were told to me a bit like a serial so it makes sense that I should share them that way.