Monday, November 8, 2010

Home, calm, home

Today would have been my mother's 98th birthday. It's been a ten years since she I last held her.

5 years before she died I began to tape some of our conversations. I was trying to capture as much history as she could share. So the tapes are full of Pueblo history and family history. My mom was a great story teller - she had the capacity for telling a tale, again and again, and then telling them again, with almost the same phrase or intonation as she shared the stories.

I couldn't bring myself to listen to the tapes. I was dreading hearing her voice because I would miss her too much. I was afraid it would be too painful.

I felt I was bold when I pressed the play button on the boom-box in my home office. My mother's voice and my laughter filled the room. The batteries must have been running low as she was being taped - the voice that I heard sounded like Minnie Mouse. Even in death my mother was making me laugh. Pretty good gift for her to give me, no?

I took this picture last Friday. The weather and lighting was the sort Mom, with her Colorado roots, would have enjoyed. It would have brought a smile to her sweet face. Both the color of the house and my memories of my mom leave me with calm feelings.


  1. That was great writing. My mom will be 80 in a month in fact, exactly one month from today. So I've got to tell her I love her. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Steve. Tell her you love her. It's among the best gifts we can give our elders.