Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Un santuario

I'm lucky that I get to write. Sometimes for pay, sometimes not. In someways it really doesn't matter; the need is there to write and I've the luxury to do so. Like making music and cooking doing this helps me stay mentally happy and healthy.

Last week I was writing in the cool weather of Chimayó - high for the day about 60 degrees. This week I'm in this insanely hot night, low for night about 60s degrees.

And in the midst of an election that did not have some of the outcomes I could have wished for I am thankful for the opportunity to share my ideas and to read the ideas of others.

The only person that is censoring me is me. It was a privilege and a right to vote yesterday. And it is a privilege and a right to share my ideas freely.

Not a bad deal when you think on it. Could be better, but we all know it could be so much worse.

Image by James Grimes


  1. Thanks, good to be back. One of the reasons I have this photo is because this is where I received the best internet connection while we were at Chimayó.

  2. We are lucky to do what we do, friend.