Sunday, December 26, 2010


Two images from spending time with Lili and familia last year. In the first she is dancing, with the abandonment of a 5 year old, to a performance of Conjunto Los Pochos on TV. They were on the L. A. County Holiday Celebration that takes place at the Dorothy Chandler; it's hard to view a more multicultural celebration. Very Southern California.

Kate is relaxing and I believe her brother the bartender, really he is, has made a special concoction just for her.

The photo was originally in color, but I've played around with it because the original is pretty blurry and because it reminded me of memories. They have a tendency to fade over time.

Having an image or two, or having a conversation where you share a memory, helps to keep them vivid. This picture brings back good memories of a special Nana/Lili time. The two of us alone enjoying pancakes at Andy's Coffee Shop.

We're off to Cayuco's in the next day or so to spend time with the Oregon branch of our family. I'm looking forward to brightening up and making new memories.

I wish that each of you may have the mix of opportunities and time to do the same.

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