Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Above New York

When I was growing up in East L.A. I don't remember seeing a hardware store. If we needed a tool my dad already had it or off we went to Sears. We may have shopped at Sears because there was no hardware store in the area or it could have been that he was loyal to the company that treated him well as a worker. Whatever the reason, I never visited a hardware store.

One of the first stores James and I discovered when we moved to Pasadena was Altadena Hardware. The businesses at the intersection of Mariposa and Lake have been jewels while we've lived in the Crown City. Merit Cleaners, the Webster stores, Steve's Bike Shop, Ritzy Rags and so much more have been family shopping stops for decades. Geography and proximity can be much more powerful than political delineations.
Over the last week I've been painting the dining room. Each time I pop into Altadena Hardware I'm greeted in a friendly manner, asked how I might be helped and when I finish business I walk out the door a satisfied customer who has been well served. Today I noticed their new cool sign.
I also noticed that there'll be a Grand Re-opening at the store this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I plan to do some shopping in Altadena on Saturday. Maybe I'll see you by the nails or the garden tools.
Contact altadenahardware@truevalue.net for details on the Re-opening.


  1. I love the shops at that corner. Good luck with the painting!

  2. Me, too, Ann! And I absolutely love Altadena Hardware's new sign....so happy for the Orlandini's!

    On another note, very pretty colors you're trying out for your dining room, Roberta!

  3. The sign is great and I plan to highlight other stores in the area. Each has a great character, provides fine service, and most are independently owned.
    As for the painting - dining room is 80% painted and we love the color.