Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mistress Boots

Boots has always done things in her own way.

17 years ago she decided we were going to be her family. This full grown cat followed us on the street as we walked home. I knew she was looking for spot to crash and told Matthew "Don't look at her". A lot of good that did.

She would walk in the house and we would gently toss her out. In she would come again.

We had a screen that wasn't tightly latched, so she'd open it up and in she came. She would use every ounce of her eight pounds to take her stand.

On Valentine's Day we took her to the vet, and following a review of her x-rays we've learned that she has a malignant tumor that is inoperable. Hard to believe that is true because she still has her powerpurr, but she is not eating and is losing weight. So yesterday we made a final trip with her to the vet.

We're so glad she pushed her way into our lives and into our hearts.


  1. She knew she would be loved by you, so I'm glad you let her adopt you. It's clear that she'll be greatly missed.

  2. Very sad, but that's part of this fallen world. What did you do with your cat after putting her to sleep?