Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thanks for the many trees

The Sid Tyler Pocket Park was dedicated today. You can find it on the median between South Lake Avenue and Lakewood Place, it’s Pasadena's only officially designated pocket park.

Mr. Tyler was on the Pasadena City Council for 12 years form 1997 to 2009. During that time he was responsive to the needs of District 7 while keeping in mind that he was also serving the whole city. He focused on open space and parks. He was also the council member who would bring up issues that dealt with CHAPS and affordable housing.

Sid and his wife Betsey have long supported the arts, visual and plastic. They've supported historical organizations in town, too.

His successor Terry Tornek led the dedication this morning.
It was a fine thing to see Sid smiling so broadly, Betsey and the dogs in tow.

Drop on by the park, enjoy the trees, and take a peek at the plaque that commemorates Sid's work that helped to establish our city's first tree protection ordinance.


  1. Wish he was still serving on the council. Does he live in that neighborhood?

    Editor Note: ck your years above!

  2. Yes, he does live in that district. Thanks for note re: year. I try to catch my mistakes, but here's yet more proof I'm not always successful.

  3. Mr. Tyler sounds like the kind of person we can always use more of.