Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A picture can bring forth a thousand questions.

The basics can sometimes offer so much. Here is something of my mother in the note she wrote on the back of a picture. It reflects the patina of an aging "hand" and the Palmer Method.
Her clear sense of order lets the viewer know Georgia from Nellie. The story so clear in her memory she had no need to write down the details.

I have to wonder if the girls were photographed by Tio Agapito? Were they dressed in their baseball or dance finery first? Were they in Las Animas or Pueblo? Whose car was that? Are there other pictures from this day?
So many questions I know will never be answered; they could plague me if I let them. But I won't. The two cousins would probably enjoy teasing me anyway. You can see that on the look on their faces.

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