Sunday, May 29, 2011

Corporal Pete Martinez

There are a lot of stories in my family that could be shared on Memorial Day.
My Cousin Paul was stationed in the Far North - Alaska, I believe. My Uncle Henry was drafted before he graduated from high school and then shipped to Germany where he died in battle. My Cousins Lalo and Tommy were in actions that took place in the 50s.

But, no, here is my man for the day. This picture was probably taken in 1943 shortly after he was drafted. He was about 30 years old.

His time in the Army Air Force changed his life. He learned what it meant to be disciplined. He traveled across the states and spent time in the Philippines and Japan. He saw parts of the world that were beautiful, exotic, and deadly. He had seen horrid things and that reinforced his choice to live a life that was nonviolent.

Memorial Day is certainly meant for remembering those who have given their lives in battle. And it is a time to remember lives changed for having seen the horrors of war.

Picture via Cousin Delia Fry


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  2. "My uncle Pete was my most trusted "older" family member in the Martinez/Ortiz family, when I was a boy, living on Brannick St. in E.L.A. One of the mysteries of my young life that I still have, unsolved, is why your father referred to my mother, Jennie Martinez Sais, by the nickname that sounded like "Jeck." I don't think I ever saw it written. This comment is from your first cousin, Joseph Sais. I have been looking at a few websites that make reference to you, trying to find a contact e-mail with which to reach you, Roberta.
    Warm regards,


  3. Hi, Joe. So good to hear from you. I modified your post because I thought you might want to keep your email address private. I wish I could answer your question - I only knew your mom as "Aunt Jennie" and your dad as "Uncle Joe". I remember being a very young child and seeing you playing piano.
    I'll send you my email offline. How fine to reconnect with you after all these years.