Friday, May 20, 2011

For the benefit of the students

I'm not very good at promoting. Self-promoting; even worse. But when it benefits kids and the arts are involved, well that makes it a good deal easier to do.

So let me share that I get to be one of those recognized at the 2011 50 Fabulous Women event next Tuesday from 5-7 p.m. It will be a lovely event held @ the Roof Top of Terra Bella, 155 Cordova Street, Pasadena.

The benefit of this event is the ArtWorks program which is affiliated with LearningWorks Pasadena.

Today is the last day to buy tickets. For more ticket details:

Here is the list of the 2011 honorees:

Barbara Bunting, Barbara Cavalier, BJ Kirwan Hanna, Bonnie Kass, Charlotte Harrison, Christine Bertrand, Darlene Porter, Delise H. Menik, Diane Scott, Donna Rey, Gloria de Olarte, Jane Barger, Jane Haderlein, Janelle Morton, Jasmeet Gill, Jean Burch, Jean Bruce Scott, Jennifer Fleming DeVoll, Joan E. Whitenack, Judy Weber-Israel, Julie Chirikian, Julianne Saxton Reynoso, Karen Kiefaber, Karen Mikaelian, Kate Gale, Kate Kaneko, Kelley Green, Kelly Linden, Kerri Parks, Kimlin Tam Ashing-Giwa, Lena Kennedy, Lisa Sugimoto, Lois Gaston, Mary Chalon, Mary Lynn D. Lenz, Marybeth Rehman-Dittu, Meredith McKenzie, Monica Lee Copeland, Nancy Garni, Nancy L. McSwen, Peggy Fong Chen, Roberta H. Martinez, Rose Chan Loui, Rosey Bell, Sandra Mejia, Susan Boyd, Susan Kujawa, Tina Marie Schneider, Tiona Wierman, Trina Smith

It is an honor to be a part of this group.

Use the following to learn more about LearningWorks.


  1. Congratulations! You deserve all kinds of honors and awards.

  2. Thanks. I went by ArtWorks last night during Art Night and the place was hopping. There was silkscreening going on, as well as spoken word, and models of the ideas some young folks have for a park that may be built, or at least is being dreamed about, by folks in the area. Good work that deserves support.