Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's only been about 40 years

Over 40 years had gone by since the three of us had been together.

Susumu and I had reconnected via facebook - ah modern technology - and since neither of us went to our 40th high school reunion he started to set things in motion for our families to get together. As a surprise Susumu invited one of our shared friends - Larry.

In the course of our initial catch-up questions I was reminded that we were geeks before that word was used. We belonged to the Computer Club, worked with punchcards, and some of us were also members of the Chess Club.

I was also reminded that these guys were fellows who reinforced my sense that it was allright for boys and girls, and later men and women, to be friends and equals: friendship was our constant.

The evening was filled with laughter; expressed warmth of times long past combined with a gentle hope that we will gather together again.

Photo by David Furogawa

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  1. Shocking news re: the restaurant where we met for our reunion.
    From the Pasadena Star News: A massive fire broke out at a Blue Ocean Seafood, destroying the restaurant in the 1400 block of South Garfield Avenue in Alhambra on Thursday morning, May 12, 2011. The fire sent a plumes of smoke high in the air. Firefighters responded to the three-alarm blaze at about 8:15 a.m. Roads in the area were shut down, and drivers were advised to stay away from the area for at least two hours.