Sunday, May 15, 2011

Of colors and angles

I went to Mark Steven Greenfield: Doo-Dahz Opening Reception at Offramp Gallery today. Today was also the unveiling of a mural by Quinton Bemiller - sort an homage to the forms and fauna that surround the Gallery.
My eyes saw the image above and my mind took in...
It was fun to explore the outside of the space and imagine how a little cropping might change a sense of the place.
The old weedy offramp became
a bougainvillea that was woven into the fence and
the wild plants became a visual cacophony of color and angles.

To learn more about the gallery and the exhibits:


  1. The Offramp Gallery... where is it?

  2. To the right of the Lincoln Avenue offramp as you exit heading north. I may try to repost pictures. At one point yesterday they would magnify, but don't seem to be doing so now.