Saturday, June 11, 2011

The real Yellowstone

Hipstamatic is an iPhone app that I enjoy using. It produces images that remind me of the window to the world that could be seen in magazines like Look, Life, National Geographic when I was a youth. The colors and depth to the pictures made everything seem otherworldly.

Being at Yellowstone with James and Ralph changed all that. It was good to travel with folks who could be comfortable with quiet moments and with profoundly silly or surprising moments.

Hearing the earth gurgle, burble, and pass gas was both fun and inspiring!


  1. Hmm, now you are making me long for Yellowstone Park. I have never been. (:

  2. It was a great place to explore - recommend it highly. There were some areas that were chock full of folks and other areas where one could sit and take time to absorb the vastness.