Thursday, June 30, 2011

The First of Many

Not quite sure what the other conferences will be like, but this first conference was very congenial. Perhaps it was because of the heat. Oh, did I happen to mention that this was an introduction to Mr. Jon Gundry, incoming Superintendent for Pasadena Unified School District. I'm sure you'll be able to learn more about our new Supe on the net.

The choice was made last night. There is a bittersweet tone to the day since this is also current Superintendent Edwin Diaz' last day in the same position. It's hard work to turn the tide and he certainly has had several tides to deal with in his four years on the job. I will miss him.

So the beginning and the end overlap nicely in a way that may speak of the value both share in students' achievement and their focus on the work at hand.

There was a lovely thing that took place at today's conference. Renatta Cooper, President of the PUSD Board, asked that the superintendent translate into Spanish comments that he made in English. Without batting eye, our new Supe, translated his comments: turns out he is very bilingual. Two or three board members speak or understand Spanish and a couple reporters understand Spanish with varying degrees of ease. Won't it be a fine thing to live in a town that values linguistic diversity as a strength in much more than theory? How cool will it be to have our children comfortable with multiple languages and, perhaps, competency in at least two?

Blanca Siebels - Gundry (photo being taken)

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