Friday, June 24, 2011

Thanks, Levitt Pavilion

Anyone who even haphazardly follows this blog knows that I really appreciate fine art - photography included. They also know that my appreciation often overwhelms or is greater than my little camera's capabilities.

Last night's photos from the Levitt is a perfect example of this fact. While the group Novalima played their special blend of Afro-Peruvian/electronica/reggae sound the señoras danced - many with the white pañuelos that are a part of folklorico traditions .

Some of the younger folks joined these women and there was great exhuberance, turn-taking and tons of smiles. Curly hair, straight hair, red hair, tee shirts, shorts, long skirts and more smiles. All as the sun began to set.
And then in the dark of night there were lights in the trees and music from the stage that kept us all dancing and smiling the night away.
A little bit of Pasadena Magic brought to us via the Levitt.
James Grimes - Night at the Levitt

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