Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer to fall

Last summer Don Jesús, and his son José painted our house. There was a lot to be done - our house hadn't been painted in about 20 years. They were classy, diligent and I'd recommend them highly.

While they were painting the house all the doors and windows were papered over. José referred to us as being in our bats cave. In a not too surprising way, the darkness had me refocus my work.

Well, it's almost fall and that means that the time has come for the Pasadena Latina blog to head to her batcave, at least until mid-October.

I may blog occasionally, but I'm planning to use most of my writer's energy on the Latino Heritage blog and the hours of the day preparing for the 13th Annual Latino Heritage parade & jamaica.

Change can be good and can help you appreciate the light.

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