Monday, October 31, 2011

A Family Fix

I admit it. Periodically I need my fixes.

Opera, fine lit, Cultura Latina, research and if I’m in a wonky mood - a good meeting or two. The list continued would have to include Gospel, jarocho, chocolate, coffee, familia, friendsand open spaces.

While I really am Urban Girl, I find it thrilling to drive through open spaces of northern California and southern Oregon that are a part of the State of Jefferson.

The sky is open, sometimes blue and clear, but as often it reminds us that there are many shades of gray. Clouds, expand, roil, and add definition to a vastness that is almost too hard to define. But is an absolute joy to experience.

Because it's fall the geese honk and fly toward their southern destinations. Some say they do so in order to keep the formation by offering encouragement. Whatever the specifics the geese communicate with each other to find their shared direction.
Much as we did yesterday as we went through a corn maze on the Sauvie Island in Oregon.
The squeals of Lili and Cheli drew us on and led us through the fields. Being together in the field helped us bridge the distance that exists between Pasadnena and Portland. It reminded us that being together is the way that we will always find home.

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