Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And on those 970 miles

There are certain advantages to being the lesser in a certain skill. James is the much better photographer, but I have "mastered" the technique of pointing and shooting without taking time to see what I've shot.

I guess you could think of this as see, point camera without looking, and pray technique. Sometimes there is visual noise that I crop out and sometimes there is no using the image.
Sometimes the images the image works in spite of my efforts. I find this particularly handy as I travel from Pasadena to Portland. On those trips where I am driving solo I don't like to stop much, but do see some beautiful things along the way. The fog and the light in this section of N. California was breathtaking.Sometimes the story is more about the journey than the portrait. This was on another breathtaking part of the journey. The journey became even more breathtaking shortly after this image, so the only technique used was breathing deeply and watching the road at all times.
This was the second time I went across the Siskiyou in snowfall. Not a first choice I would willingly make, but I found myself the lead, as the snowplows went back and forth getting ready for work. Turns out we were the last group to not need chains.

I'll travel the road again to Portland, part of my heart is there, but will look forward to doing so in a month when the snowplows are out of commission.


  1. Oh, that second one was a happy find. I'm in the shoot now, ask questions later camp.

  2. So true. Digital cameras make taking photos, so much easier.

  3. I love that trip. My mother used to live in McMinnville. I miss it.

  4. Oh, I loved stopping in McMInnville. We stayed @ the Hotel Oregon. I love road trips - let me know if you are ever in the mood.