Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pete R. Martinez

It was always clear that my dad's birthday was in November. I usually have trouble remembering the correct day - to tell the truth I now look to his obit to remember the date. He contributed to my confusion, because as long as he could manage it, he lied about his age. Year born - variable depending upon his mood and the audience or company present.

Very non-traditional family - father lies about age by as great a span as possible, mother embraces every year.

The confusion about his birthday was reinforced by the fact that it often fell on Thanksgiving. The two celebrations seemed entwined. Only problem is T'day is a movable feast.

In our house this was especially true. Being a small number we usually feasted at someone else's house. More likelihood that memories are informed by different surroundings and people around the table. More opportunities for confusion in memory.With my father now here in spirit only, I have chosen to think of T'day as his b'day. He would have loved that somehow the day became his.

Happy birthday Dad.


  1. A nice tribute. I'll remember my dad today as well. Thanks.

  2. Thanks. We are lucky if we can remember family members fondly. I guess that's another thing to be thankful and everyday.