Monday, December 5, 2011

Highland Park, "Fantasy on Figueroa"

I could fib and say that this was my ride in the parade. But it wasn't. Although were I so inclined it is a car with a memorable history that merits a fib.

It is "owned" by L.A. and was used to transport Eisenhower. I didn't get a detailed story - the short version had my jaw dropping.
I could share that Nico was the driver, but he wasn't. Although he was a sweetie and a great volunteer for the parade organizers.
Nope, I rode in a Miata.

And Leah, whose last name I never learned, was a great buddy to share a ride down Figueroa. Very classy lady who is going to be opening her own business soon.
Tomorrow I'll share a bit of what I saw along the route.
images - Nico, Leah and me - Tomás Benitez (aka Barrio Boy)

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