Thursday, December 29, 2011

In the first week of the new year

Because the blog is about the city I live in as much as my experiences in the city, there are weeks where lots is happening that I want to share. To choose, to choose, what to choose - not choosing, here you go.

There are two things I want to share before the excitement of the new year in Pasadena leaps out at all of us.

"What happens when you get three guys together from East LA who all happen to be name Louie (or a version thereof)? A single memorable evening of performance art, comedy and social satire.

On Thursday, January 5th at the Crawford Family Forum, experience The Three Louies -- Los Lobos' Louie Perez, renowned writer Luis J. Rodriguez, and award-winning journalist Luis Torres -– an informal, unscripted conversation among three Chicanos whose Eastside tales move from accounts of real-life danger averted to professional success ultimately achieved".

Event is free, but reservations are required .

We've been hearing a lot about redistricting at the national and local levels. Every 10 years the census count is used to help define district lines from City Council to Congressional seats. There is currently a Redistricting Task Force that is reviewing the data and taking input from Pasadena citizens.

There is a similar effort taking place regarding the 2010 census and establishment of districts for those running for PUSD Board of Directors. "What?", you say, "There are already designated seats for the board". "True," I say, "but they have no geographical meaning". That is to say, they are numbers for numbers sake. This districting effort will establish who may run for which seat based upon where they live. And more importantly who may vote for the folks who will be

representing them on the PUSD board.

One of the good things about both the City of Pasadena districting efforts and the PUSD redistricting efforts is that the meetings are open to the public. There is time for community/individual comments and translation from English to Spanish is available. There are members of PUSD Task Force that are fluent in Armenian, so translation is available in that language, too.


  1. I've gone to some of those Crawford Forum talks and they've been good. I hope to make this one. Thanks. And thanks for a great year of blogging.

  2. Be sure to make your reservation. Pretty likely it will be SRO. As is said in Spanish "igualmente" - and to you, too. I've especially appreciated your photos and posts from your bike rides.