Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To recoup and remember

It always takes me a few days to recoup from a visit from The Girls. I'm very sad to see them leave, although it is nice to sit and take a deep breath and know that nobody needs to have drippy noses wiped. This trip Lili and Cheli took turns being sick. There was a significant amount of coughing and wiping that took place.
After they leave the kitchen returns to some sort of order - cooking and cleaning for two takes far less time than the perpetual appearance of cups, plates, half eaten sandwiches and fruit which need to be stored in containers that need to be washed.
I can enter the bathroom and not wonder what surprises might greet me.
But truth be told, there are few things as joyous for me as returning home from errands and finding a house in my living room or
even better yet, the artist adding her touch that makes a memory that is one of a kind.


  1. Could be. She's got really great spatial reasoning skills. But then I'm woefully, happily biased.