Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The State of Our City

I had no idea I would become so involved in the City of Pasadena. I moved here to be closer to my parents, because there were children playing together across their front yards, because of our house and the view of Westminster from our backyard.

I know that I am only one of 137,000, but a city this size allows citizens to interact fairly easily with our elected officials. Those who have the inclination, and the time, can become involved in ways that can help shape the future of our hometown. City Hall is an architectural wonder where any citizen can speak their mind.

There'll be a lot of folks who have an interest in the city at the Noise Within Thursday evening. Mayor Bill Bogaard will be delivering the annual State of the City. A quote from the link below reads: During his remarks to the community, Bogaard will provide updates and future plans regarding the ongoing weak economy, redevelopment, environment, arts and culture, public safety, transportation and more.

A quote like that tells me the future is going to be different from the past. Tomorrow night I might learn what this difference might be.



    From this story in the Pasadena Star-News, I guess there still needs to be more reductions in spending. Let's hope for a better 2012, in Pas and elsewhere.

  2. Let's hope so. My hats off to the mayor for his being frank during his speech.