Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Denim Day

I wasn't planning to write anything today, but I need to share something.

It's Denim Day and I was preparing to change into my jeans after I dropped off James and stopped for coffee.

At not 5' tall I do not strike an imposing figure and I'm used to being among the shortest folks in most lines.  That certainly was the case today.

The fellow behind me, who had a marvelously deep, booming voice repeated a phrase a couple of times.  I looked up because I was sure he was either talking to me or he was a little unstable.

By the third repetition it became clear that he was trying to get the attention of the fellow just ahead of me.  They began to have a conversation over my head - literally.  I asked the boomer if he would like to get in front of me because "'re talking over me".  He let me know in no uncertain terms that that did not bother him.  "Well, it bothers me".  He shrugged - clearly not his issue.  I stepped behind him and gently pushed his arm so that he was in front of me.  There was the teeniest bit of physical resistance from him, but the two fellows continued the conversation as if nothing had happened.

I don't know if he/they would have done the same if I'd been a fellow of my stature.  They were head and shoulders taller than I.  Maybe they would have been the same with a fellow of any size.  My sense is no,  the scenario would have been different.  I was a short woman with no say in the matter.

That interaction reminded me of the reasons for Denim Day.  I'll be putting on my jeans before I go to my next meeting.

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