Tuesday, May 8, 2012

L A Heritage

Walking across our zocalo, this young woman seems headed to the Fourth Annual Los Angeles Heritage Day that took place in and out of the Pico House.  Just across the way folks at LA Plaza were preparing for Dolores Huerta's birthday party and Los Califonianos were finishing their annual meeting at the Paseo Inn on Olvera Street.  Lots, lots, lots going on.
If this young woman had turned a little to the left she would have met up with historical re-enactor Lou Lopez.  He is a member, and I think co-founder, of the Western Educators, Shooters & Troopers.
 Going through the doors would have led her to 60 groups that were sharing their part in LA heritage and history.  There were folks at tables from groups I've written about before and many that were new to me.
Mr. Joseph R. Haiek is holding the book that he's written - the Arabic American Almanac.  This sixth volume is a compendium that is 608 pages long.  It's beautifully written - I look forward to reading it - a section at a time.

There were folks there from several of our local state parks.  You can find a complete listing at the LA Heritage Alliance link below.

I found myself spending a good deal of time at the Pio Pico table.  Seemed fitting since we were in the Pico House - very different from the "ranchito" in Pico Rivera.  Tremendously different building styles; bucolic vs. urban.  The rancho has apiary and orno, the Pico House is not only three stories tall, but is a treasure of bricks and wrought iron.
 Unfortunately Pio Pico State Park is one of those slated for closure in June.  They're trying to raise funds so that they can remain open by selling pretty dandy items, recycling and requesting donations.  They know that it's a bit easier to keep historical treasures open than it is to try and reopen them.

Like fine cuisine, or great art, if you don't get a chance to experience it you'll likely not learn to appreciate it.  Living history presented by those that have a passion for it is one of the best ways to develop your historical palate.


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  1. What a fantastic building. I've never been inside! I'm very interested in the architecture.