Monday, June 25, 2012

Pasadena General Plan Update

Okay, I've just broken all sorts of rules.  Very, very unsexy title for this topic.  
But like brushing your teeth, if you don't attend to the task, things begin to fall apart.  

 I'm hoping that you'll find the information and the colors on the page a little intriguing.
Beyond being colorful they respresent a vision for the City of Pasadena. I've focused on sharing the existing and projected vision of Lake and Washington.  

The colors represent everything from density to height of businesses/building.  As the flyer states - 
The General Plan is the blueprint that will guide Pasadena's future for the next ten years and beyond.  


If you're the sort of person who likes to see things in 3D and likes to speak to folks so that your opinion is weighed in - there's another Community Forum tomorrow night - it's the last one.
The red-ish dots represent where folks live who have expressed their opinion thus far, the blue dots represent where they work in the city.  If you can't make tomorrow night, you certainly can still express your opinion to someone who is with the City and connected with this effort.


  1. I haven't attended any of these meetings. I've seen how poorly the city has stuck to the Green City Plan and my feeling is this is all a PR grab and a waste of citizens' time. What do you think? Will it really serve as a guide or will the city have to be sued (again) to force it to stick to its own rules?

  2. My feeling, in general, is that if you get the idea down in ink you can at the very least call them on poor/wrong/illegal choices they may make in the future. If you don't put in your two cents, they have even greater latitude to do what they will.
    To be really frank, I focused on the needs of my neighborhood as I see them. I also pointed out some issues that were recognized by the staff that was there.
    The reality is that unless there is also a political push, including accountability of our electeds, this is all for naught.

  3. You make a good point. I find politics distasteful, but I know we have to participate if we want to have a say in things.

  4. There is big "P" politics and there is mostly little "p" politics. Most are involved in the latter to greater or lesser degrees. One of the upsides of living in a town like Pasadena is the ease of access to our electeds. We can let them know when we like what they're doing, when we don't like what they're about to do. Being in a smaller city there are, at least potentially, fewer "hizzoner" opportuinities The sausage analogy is pretty darn close to the truth.