Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The personal and the political

As we get older we get different adjectives and nouns added to our identifiers.  We start out life with certain words, during our teen age we have words removed and added, and as we age the words are modified yet again.  At weeks shy of 60 words like compact, Nana, and researcher are words that describe who I am and what I do. 

Now I get to add another word - reader.  Or more to the point Reader.  

I am now a Huntington Library Reader.  I owe thanks to Ted Bosley and Dr. Robert Winter, as well as the staff at the Pasadena Museum of History for helping add this word.  I'm about to put on my pass and go out the door. 
On last night's election - a couple of quick thoughts.
Given the amount of time that the District Task Force spent on Measure A it felt odd to not see a campaign connected with its passage.  Those of us who were involved were called a lot of names, none of which the folks I most closely worked with earned.  Some who were in disagreement saw alignments that didn't exist.  There was reporting that took place that was less than even and precious little coverage of Measure A.  
And yet, or despite all this, Measure A passed.  Thanks to those of you who supported it. Thanks to those of you who went out and voted - whatever your point of view.  Voting is a precious privilege and right.

As of Date: 06/06/2012 Time: 04:38                   Votes                Percent

ELECTION OF SCHOOL BOARD - YES            12,597              54.81

(MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST) - NO                  10,387              45.19



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