Saturday, July 28, 2012

Connecting with the Latino Viewer

National Hispanic Media Coalition is an advocacy and civil rights organization created to advance American Latino employment and programming equity throughout the entertainment industry and to advocate for telecommunication policies that benefit Latinos and other people of color.

Alex Nogales, President and CEO,  has led the work to see that there is full and fair representation of Latinas and Latinos in all of the elements of the entertainment industry.  Writers, directors, producers, grips, electricians - so many aspects to a complex art and business.  

Mediacon, was a conference and exposition that offered steps to mediate that problem.  It was part meet the stars, tell us what you like, and these are the challenges that have limited us in the past and these are the ways we are meeting these challenges.  

You want to have Latina roles resonate with Latina viewers?  The creative team needs to reflect and represent members of the diverse Latina community.  Any woman in the "business" would have recognized the  discussion and would have felt a part of the discussion.  

Some panelists told the audience they were tired of making a "Latino" movie.  They wanted to make movies with more Latinos in them.  Other topics included, "Pantelion Films and Televisa USA", "The A to Z of the Hollywood Guilds"- topics focused on the production end of show business.  This was not a beginners conference.  Dreams might have been in the room, but those dreams had already been accompanied by a good deal of sweat equity.

People talked more than schmoozed - a conference attendee and Aaron Sanchez of  "Live with Aaron and Kelly", Angela Maria Ortiz of "Se Fija" and Jesús Treviño of "Latiopia" were in conversation following the panels.  Angela's blog is a "A celebration of Latino talent and culture in front and behind the camera" and Jesus' "Latinopia" is a far more encyclopedic website.  But then Jesus is encyclopedic by nature.  

Jesús is not only a webmaster, but also has a long history as a producer and director of film and TV.    Not familiar with his name?   Well, you're probably familiar with his work.  You've seen his work on ER, Babylon 5, and Bones to name a few.

It was a chance for actresses and comediennes like Dyana Ortelli and Shayla Rivera to talk about the business of comedy.  And to actually be taken seriously.  

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