Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Thank you to the blue shirts" - Adam Steltzner

We came to live in Pasadena because it was close to my parents and because of the beauty of Pasadena.    Being near JPL was a slightly happy coincidence.

James had a bit of dream come true when he was hired by JPL.  Like any long term relationship there have been some times where there have been downs, but mostly, especially on nights like tonight, there have been extraordinarily wonderful highs.

And all this for less than 7 bucks per person, according to Dr. Charles Elachi.
Pete Theisinger led the group and while I don't know the names of those most intimately, the spirit and the character are wonderfully NASA/JPL.   Theisinger, project manager shared... "And I will humbly let him accept your accolades".  Richard Cook began with..."so...that rocked".  And it did.

Sheer joy came from the Mars landing.  
I looked at that those who helped, who contributed blood, sweat, and I'm sure some tears, and they looked like us.  All of us.  Very NASA/JPL.

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