Monday, October 8, 2012

Memories rise from memories made

My friend Michael calls me Doña Chapita.  It's a diminutive of Doña Chaparrita, which translates with less sweetness and sounds harsher - short and chunky in English.  I'm sticking with Chapita.  
All of this preamble permits my vanity to get out of my way and share this image of Martha Gonzalez, Dr. Kathee Bautista and me.  Oh, I admire these women and love what they do.  

I love all of the jamaica, but one of my favorite parts is the last hour or so when the band plays and the committee's work is mostly done.  Yes, we will still need to packing and thank you notes, but the music is playing and we have to dance or talk.
Senorita and Kevin Bruce
Claudia "CAVA" Tenorio
Martha Gonzalez 
 All of us enjoying the liberation of music, dance and the cool brought by afternoon breeze.

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