Thursday, November 8, 2012


 We spent our last day at Zion National Park the day before Halloween.  

Every hike was a bit of an adventure.

By late afternoon we were at an entry to The Narrows: nature at her majestic best.

Back in Pasadena Larry was having a couple of adventures, too.  His first adventure was a cat fight that had to be forcibly broken up by Matthew.  Second adventure was a vet visit that included an antibiotic shot and a "Happy Hat".  He now has cat staples on his ear and is healing well.

We are all adjusting to things getting back to normal.  

Larry has adjusted to the collar, but really would like to be out of doors.  In the meantime a nap on the coffee table will do.


  1. When dogs get the cone of shame they look embarrassed. Larry, on the other hand, looks thoroughly disgruntled.

  2. Leia wore her cone like an Elizabethan collar.
    Larry seems to alternate between not giving a flying fig and being annoyed by its presence. I'll add another image that bears this out.

  3. You know I'm partial to Larry, but I think he wears it well.

  4. Having grown up around dogs, and having been chowzzled by Rosie the Tennesee Treewalker as a kitten, it takes a lot for Larry to be bothered by just about anything. Everyone at the vet kept commenting about how mellow he is.