Thursday, November 15, 2012

Southwest circuit/Four Corners and a desert surprise

To stand on the one spot where four states' boundaries touch, is a cool thing.   There is something mildly seductive about the idea.  I'm sure it's found on many a bucket list.

  While it wasn't on Ralph's bucket list, he did seem to enjoy it.

As did James.

It was a long drive to Zion so we stopped for coffee at the Burger King in Kayenta, Navajo Nation.  When we walked inside we were surprised to find an exhibit on the Navajo Code Talkers.  I did a tiny bit of research and found the following in a Yelp comment - "... my friend took me here and his father is the owner of the business...He was a Code Talker...While fighting for this country...(he) sent many artifacts home".

So in the midst of the desert we came across these World War II artifacts.

Here was bit of history 

served with a bit of irony.

For a fuller description:


  1. I think James sold me. I stood here as a child, and never fully appreciated it.

    1. We've enjoyed watching How the States Got Their Shapes. You might enjoy it, too.