Wednesday, November 21, 2012

T Day, two days away

So far I've not needed to fulfill my Jury Duty, so I am using the time to prep a little more fully for Thanksgiving. 

I was one of those voices you may heard about 10 days ago when Larry Mantle hosted Lynne Rosetto Kasper, host of APM's, The Splendid Table.  I was so excited.  Ms. Kasper shared ideas for a moroccan or N. African influenced dinner. Last night we had a "draft" round with our Cornish Game Hens made with moroccan style spices added to the butter.  Conclusion was this will be really tasty with a couple modest tweaks.  And when calling in for a recipe, make sure you ask for quantities and times. 

I was tempted by this recipe that was on a trail at the Anasazi Heritage Center.  We won't be trying it this year, there are several new things we'll be eating which means each is an opp for an oops.  But who knows maybe next year?