Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Al fin, Merry Christmas

Digesting turkey can be hard work.  Ask Larry or  Panfilo, they'll tell you this is so.  

All of the two legged critters in the house would agree.  

Good day, good meal.  Leslie, Matthew, and Kevin joined James and me at the Kurisumasu Table.   What a feast!  Scallpped potatoes, brussel sprouts, kale salad, string beans and pork loin.  

Before time at the table we spent time opening gifts.  My favorite Nana gifts were these coasters.  If you didn't know that our nietas and I have a good relationship you might worry. the coasters almost look scary.  But we do have a fine bit of love between here and Portland, so think of the teeth as part of a laugh rather than part of a grrrrr.

Weather and work kept us from being together today, Kate and her family were in Portland and we were not able to leave Pasadena.

But it did not keep us from being deep in each others hearts, minds, or potential coasters.

So the next time you come to the house and you're given one of these to place under your hot drink, know that you are placing your drink on a three dimensional bit of love.