Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Party of three

There must be a lot of birdwealth in the trees.  
The pigeons were 3 to a branch on the tree in our easement.
They picked, they flew, they picked, they flew.

It was Larry who first noticed them.  Seems appropriate that, his being a cat and all.

It may have been me who noticed next or it could have been Pánfilo. 

 In any case the three of us watched.

Not much of a party for some, but enough for us.


  1. As to the new addition, Larry may play his cards close to the vest, but I think he approves. The last is a classic.

  2. Larry has played his cards, which is part of the reason Pánfilo has stayed. Larry would be much better at Cuchara than he would be at poker. Thanks to the birds for their help for this pose.

  3. This is delightful. I'm so glad Larry approves. I know a lot was hanging on that.

  4. Every once in a while they get a little PO'd with each other. A it like siblings in that respect. For some reason or the other Larry decided he was going to eat Panfilo's food. L turns scary cat hissy and P turned and looked at me in a way tha had a bit of "help" about it or "I don't get it".

  5. We all communicate best over food. When I had my dog Bru, we shared a house with, among other creatures, a doberman. Lucas worshiped Bru, which was just the way Bru liked it. Then one day we heard that horrible fight-to-the-death sound in the kitchen. By the time we got there, the argument had been settled. I imagine Lucas had encroached on the sacred dog food bowl (probably just to test the waters) and been counseled.

    1. When you entered the room did they give you the "what's the problem, officer" look? That's often a part of it, too.