Sunday, January 6, 2013

A gentle epiphany

James says that he feels a bit discombobulated by Christmas and New Year falling sort of mid-week.  Well, that wasn't the word he used, but it was a golden opp to use the word. 

As for me, I feel that with Epiphany being over, it's time to mentally be a part of 2013.  This will be easy since I was gifted three of the five calendars below.  At the moment I'm digesting my evening meal, so the kitty calendar is the most appealing.  Or I could add a "D" to the Inner Reflections calendar.  I know, groan.

I have no resolutions for this year, but I intend to have "some thing" completed by year's end.  I have some ideas and I certainly have no excuses not keeping track of the days as they fly by.


  1. I get calendars from any charity I've helped throughout the year. I really wish they'd wouldn't; makes me feel my money went towards calendars rather than the cause.

  2. Marketing is something that a lot of charities have had to add to their bottom line. The question becomes is the cost worth the return. It can help to perpetuate or develop an awareness of the cause. For example, it would make great sense for Latino Heritage to put together a calendar including local history.