Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not to be confused with a little day music

Our neighbors Dee and Don Bremner have lived on this street long before we moved here.  This summer we'll be here 30 years. 

Don is involved in so many things connected with nature.  The Sierra Club as well as the City of Pasadena Parks and Recreation Commission are the first two groups that come to mind.  He is committed to taking care of nature in our shared spaces as well as his home.

Over the last two days winter tree pruning and trimming has been taking place at the Bremner home.  John and his staff have been doing a fine job and, aside from food breaks, have been working pretty much non-stop to get things done in a timely manner.  The workers are polite - no cussing, no loud up in the tree to ground talk.  The chainsaws could learn from them.

I'll be glad when the trimming will be done.  Maybe then I'll be able to join Larry and Panfi in a nap.


  1. It's been great to have Don as a neighbor. In addition to his love of the environment, they have some long term connections with China and the Los Angeles Times. Great to have conversations with them about any topic.