Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Something for the girls

I'm rather excited about the PUSD Sí, Se Puede Art and Essay contest.  Tomorrow will be the day the work is judged.  My excitement is really about the incorporation of Dolores Huertas as a part of this contest.  'bout time we had a bit of recognition for the ladies - no disrespect to Dr. King, Mr. Korematsu, and Mr. Chávez, but, well, we hold up half the sky.

It seems I have Dolores Huerta on my mind because today is the birthday of Girl Scouts.  I sort of found myself at the mental intersection of Dolores Huerta and Girl Scouts.  How did I get there?

First, I remembered she had been a Girl Scout.  Turns out she was a scout for 10 years.  I'm sure that being in Scouts that long probably had an impact on her.

Then I recollected that there was a Dolores Huerta Girl Scout Patch.  According to the description of the patch - "The...Patch focuses on three issues at the core of Dolores Huerta's legacy: the human and civil rights of farmworkers, women, and immigrants".  The teacher in me likes the sentence.

Patch based on art by Barbara Carrasco

But being it's how Girl Scouts approach things that speaks to me.

In the section that talks about immigrants, they encourage girls to find out why their family came to the United States.  They include questions for girls who identify with Native-American and African American heritage, there are questions that could be specific to their experience.  Beyond this, oh, as an adoptive parent I love this..."Girls who are adopted could explore the ancestry of their adopted parents to get a sense of the immigrant experience".   Very cool.

In all there are seven steps to completing this patch.  Deep in the mix are the words learn, created, and reflect.  Good things to learn as a young person.  Words that can guide us as grown ups, too.





  1. Nice looking patch Roberta. My dad used to coach soccer and designed some patches definitely keepsakes.


  2. When I was leader of our daughter's Cadette troop they earned a Scottish Country Dance patch.